I first want to thank all of you who have used CPF over the years.  It has brought great joy to my heart that so many brothers around the world found CPF to be helpful in caring for congregation responsibilities.  It's hard to believe that CPF has been around since 1991!  Through the years, CPF grew and evolved.  For many years I was able to make changes to the program in response to suggestions I received, changes in Jehovah's organization, and changes in technology.  However, due to family and spiritual responsibilities which must come first, I find that I no longer have the free time to continue developing the program.  Therefore, regretfully, I have decided to discontinue CPF.

You may continue to use CPF as you see fit.  However, its usefulness will decline as Jehovah's organization continues to make rapid changes in reporting and record keeping.  Also, due to my other responsibilities, I will be unable to provide technical support as I have in the past.

Thank you for all the warmth and encouragement I've received over the years!

Your brother,

​Ronnie B. Andersen